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Making a Memory Box: Create a Collection of Sympathy Keepsakes

June 15th, 2023

A loved one may be gone, but so much of them is still with you. A memorial memento box is a perfect way to honor the memories you can still touch and hold, preserving the keepsakes that will serve as cherished reminders of a loved one’s life and legacy for years to come.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to create a keepsake memory box to treasure:

1. Gather Mementos. Collect meaningful items that remind you of a departed friend or family member. This could be a souvenir from a trip together, favorite photos, perfume or cologne, a tie or scarf, dried flowers or any other trinkets that hold sentimental value. For pets, you can include items like a collar, ID tag, pawprint, adoption papers, or even a favorite toy.

2. Choose a Box. Based on the items you’ve chosen, select a box that can hold your mementos comfortably and securely. Try to choose items wisely. Ideally, your memorial box should be the size of a medium-sized jewelry box (or shoe box) so that it can be easily displayed without being overwhelming. It can be crafted of wood, cardboard, metal or plastic, and even be handmade. You can even choose a box that allows you to showcase a favorite photo, memorial dates or a personal inscription on the lid. To keep everything protected and scratch-free, it’s also recommended to choose a box lined with felt or other soft material.

3. Organize and Arrange. Lay out the mementos you have collected and decide how you want to arrange them inside the box. You can create sections within the box using dividers, small boxes or drawstring bags to keep everything safe, protected and organized.

4. Sprinkle in Personal Touches. Is there something you’ve wanted to say to a loved one, but never had the chance? Is there a special poem you’d like to share, or perhaps you want to tuck in a prayer card or funeral program? This is the perfect place for handwritten notes, special memorial gifts and other personal touches from you and those who loved them most.

5. Secure the Lid. Make sure you can close the lid easily without damaging the treasured contents inside. Keep in mind that you may choose to admire the mementos in your box frequently, or you may open it only occasionally, such as on a special birthday or anniversary. So it’s important to keep the keepsakes inside dry, safe and protected. If valuables like jewelry, a favorite watch or even private messages are included, consider a memento box with a lock and key.

6. Display or Store. Do you want to showcase your memorial box in a prominent place where it will be shared with others? Or do you want to keep it in a more private, quiet spot for personal reflection? Choose a location where you can easily access your box whenever you want, however you need to experience it.

Creating a memorial memento box is a personal and reflective process. Just as their life was like no other, this is your chance to create a box that’s like no other, capturing some of the most important moments of their life’s story in the most one-of-a-kind way.

For an extra thoughtful touch, consider making a custom memorial box that will serve as a keepsake for generations to come.

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